Our Code of Ethics

AGROVISION is committed to being a responsible member of the local community, through bringing real life-transforming opportunities for team members. The Company has developed a comprehensive social program based on sustainable job creation, profit sharing, community service, and dedication to health and human resource development.

Our Code of Ethics is a guiding tool that we use for maintenance of our community standards, and for training and workforce development for all our collaborators.

We are committed to creating a culture of respect, equality, and dignity within our company and our community. To our employees, customers, suppliers and everyone with whom we work and do business, we commit to a work environment free from discrimination. We act in a socially responsible manner within the law, customs and traditions in the countries in which we operate and contribute in a responsible manner to the development of their communities. We provide a safe work environment for our staff. We aspire to act in a way that benefits the environment in which we employ our activities. We encourage support for charitable, educational and community service activities

Complaint Channel

AGROVISION has developed a Reports Channel to enable our workforce, suppliers, and any third parties, a private and secure method for reporting any concerns about breaches or direct violations of our Code of Ethics.

This secure and private communication platform is available 24/7 online, via telephone, and traditional mail. This confidential and secure service is managed through an independent 3rd party company.

It is of most importance that we abide by the law, and that we act according to our Ethics Code and the norms it establishes. 

It is the responsibility of each collaborator to report any transgression, and to provide the necessary evidence to support further investigation. We appreciate your commitment and cooperation. Each of us is a part of this community and together we will make it stronger and better.

Ethics in Action

We have created some educational videos for our workforce to see practical examples of our code of conduct.