AGROVISION is comprised of experienced global professionals and new entrants into the local Peruvian workforce, collaborating to share knowledge of modern agriculture and real strategies to build long-lasting income stability for individuals and the community.

High-impact social development projects, environmental stewardship, and community building activities are critical components of
our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our Vision is for a reinvention of the traditional relationship between the company, management, workforce, and the natural surrounding ecosystem.

AGROVISION invests considerable human effort and capital  in the areas of natural resource management, social and family support, medical services, housing, skills and career development.

We thrive together.
This is our AGROVISION

Quality Control, Traceability and Food Safety

AgroVision implements a quality control program that measures and manages every stage of growth and activity in the production, handling, and post harvest management of all of our crops. From soil and plant health management, to harvest and handling quality, efficiencies and logisticts, to shipping and consumer product assurance, we implement rigorous quality assurance to ensure maximum product quality and safety.

We partner with nurseries to assure that traceability and safety begins with our source plants.

Agrovision employs a traceability system that traces each finished, packed product to the ranch from which it came, the date and time of harvest, and the individual person or team that performed the harvest. These product and process standards are based on quality of finished product as the key measured outcome.

Our state of the art packing and cooling infrastructure also provides complete traceability, cold chain measurement and management, and overall quality assurance.

Food Safety

AGROVISION operates under and is certified by the strictest global standards of food safety and traceability. FSMA compliant, Global GAP and SMETA certified.

Worker Welfare

Every person that works with AGROVISION is critical to the organization’s success. We have a deep and real commitment to the individual and the community as we come together for the single mission of producing the finest, safest fresh foods in the world. Our Mission is to increase the quality standards of life for all engaged with the agricultural enterprise.

AGROVISION is committed to being a responsible member of the local community, through bringing real life-transforming opportunities for team members. The Company has developed a comprehensive social program based on sustainable job creation, profit sharing, community service, and dedication to health and human resource development.

We are very proud of every new job that has been created, and every role is critical to the success of the whole. We have brought over 5000 seasonal and permanent jobs to the local communities, offering previously unavailable employment and stable income opportunities.

AGROVISION recognizes that many of these new entrants to the workforce are women of the local communities. We have developed support services to encourage and empower these individuals.

An example of our comunity involment are the AGROVISION Medical Journeys, bi-monthly scheduled visits from medical doctors and nurses to the local community. The Medical Journey Clinic sees between 300 to 500 people per day. These visits have been a great success, with community members having an opportunity to receive free medical, dental, and vision care. The Company has donated wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs and other medical necessities through this important program.

AGROVISION has also donated ambulances for the community and funded a 24/7 response service.