Who We Are

AGROVISION is a grower, packer, and shipper of fruits and vegetables from Peru exporting to established and emerging global markets such as the United States, Canada, Europe, UK, China and other Asian and Central and South American countries.

We supply our core crops of blueberries, table grapes, asparagus, and avocados to our customers at key times of the year when they do not have their own domestic production. Due to our growing region and advanced farming technologies, AGROVISION also has the potential to supply crops year-round.

AGROVISION strives to make a positive impact on its local communities through employment opportunities and training, health care, educational and recreational programs, infrastructure projects, and other charitable programs.

Why Peru

Peru is one of the best locations for fruits and vegetables production and export due to its global geographic positioning in between the northern and southern hemisphere, high farm productivity and yields, abundant natural resources, and favorable climate. The Humboldt Current that flows along the west coast of South America creates a “natural greenhouse” effect resulting in year round sun with perfect growing conditions and a unique, accelerated planting-to-harvest timeline. With an able workforce and good infrastructure, the country is proving a major new supply source for the worlds demand for high quality, trusted fresh produce.

Optimal Logistics and Infrastructure allow for ideal cold chain management and transport of products from farmland to ports to key markets.

AGROVISION has transformed Peru’s natural attributes into a dynamic agricultural enterprise able to deliver the right fruit at the right time to the right markets.