Commitment to
Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Organization (UNO) proposes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) so that States, civil society and companies commit to the reduction in poverty, inequalities and injustices on a global level by 2030.

At Agro Vision we maintain our commitment to 10 SDG, of which the following are priority objectives linked to our purpose -transforming land and lives- identifying opportunities to contribute to the development of people, the environment and our areas of influence.

End Poverty / Decent Work + Economic Growth

We created more than 15,000 local jobs that directly benefited the families of the Lambayeque region, contributing to our area of social influence, where vulnerable families live. Additionally, we promote the development of the locality of Morrope through programs such as Sowing Education and Sowing Health, managed by Agrovision’s Community Relations team.

Zero Hunger

We improve crop production processes in a sustainable manner to serve the high demand for our superfruits globally and to ensure our products maintain the highest global standards to support healthier eating in more households around the world. In Morrope, we executed a plan for the local supply of food and essential products through the donation of baskets of supplies and groceries that benefit members of the community and families in vulnerable situations.

Good Health + Well Being

Promoting wellbeing and safety throughout our operations is a top priority for Agrovision. We respect all work benefits and laws and invest in our workers and their families through programs focused on teaching life skills. Our preventative and corrective actions in occupational health and safety have led to the reduction of work accidents and the establishment of a culture of zero accidents.

Additionally, in a coordinated effort with local health centers, we donated medicine and medical equipment to patients currently requiring various treatments, and in the context of the pandemic, we carried out vaccination campaigns against COVID- 19 for the people of Morrope.

Gender Equality

The urgent participation and inclusion of women in all spheres of society is a global imperative that motivates us to generate more equitable workspaces without gender-based differences. To this end, we created the Forestry Brigade within our Sowing Future program (focused on environmentally sustainable practices) with a 75% female membership as a catalyst for equitable access to jobs in agribusiness.

Furthermore, the Sowing Peace program made it possible to establish strategic alliances with civil society organizations to eradicate family violence and violence against women in the area.

Clean Water + Sanitation

Our commitment to efficient and sustainable usage of water resources has been recognized by our obtainment of the “Alliance Water Stewardship” (AWS), an international certification for the sustainable water usage of our companies, Arena Verde and Agrovision Peru. Our water management plans are aligned with AWS principles; one of our most recent development projects was a Residual Water Treatment Plant with the capacity to treat 68% of our waste to be reused in irrigation. We are also part of the Olmos Irrigation Project, which allows us to operate as part of the Junta de Usuarios de Agua Subterránea (Board of Underground Water Users) in the operations of Olmos and Morrope for a sustainable management of the water resource.

Industries, Innovation and Infrastructure

Thanks to research, development, and innovation, we continuously improve our agricultural information management tools, which allows us to improve the efficiency of our crop monitoring systems and, therefore, to have a direct positive impact on the quality of our products and processes.

We participate in research projects with world- renowned genetics houses to selection new crop varietals that benefit our collaborators across our value chain.

Responsible Consumption + Production

The circular economy approach is embedded in our production and consumption model. We measure and seek to minimize the solid and liquid waste we generate while making efficient use of resources.

We currently reuse 35% of our solid waste as inputs for our Sowing Future program. We also have a drinking water treatment plant directly in one of our Peruvian farm plots.

Climate Action

As mentioned in SDG 6, our commitment to efficient and sustainable usage of water resources has been recognized by AWS, an international certification for the active sustainable water usage of our companies, Arena Verde and Agrovision Peru, with our stakeholders.

During 2021, we also measured our carbon footprint to provide a baseline against which to identify and execute action plans to improve our environmental management and minimize our carbon footprint.

Life On Land

In the Lambayeque region, Arena Verde has enabled the conservation of selected species of flora and fauna thanks to the creation of natural reserve zones. These also constitute part of the Forest Plan for the Conservation of the Reserved and Protection Areas of the Agricultural Project in northern Peru.