Commitment to
Sustainable Development Goals

Agrovision is firmly committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and our focus on sustainable agriculture is a concrete example of how our company can actively contribute to achieving the goals adopted by the 2030 Agenda.

Our actions are totally aligned with 11 of the SDGs, which encompass social, environmental and economic goals, to ensure that our company has a positive and lasting impact on society and the environment.


1,840 m3 of drinking water donated to villages in the community of Morrope.
57,765 m3 of wastewater treated and reused for irrigation of green areas at our treatment plant.
57,595 m3 is the total amount of potable water processed and distributed in the North Lot camp.

1- Pilot Project for fruit counting

2nd star achieved by our Agrovision and Arena Verde operations for participating in the Carbon Footprint Peru Program (HC- Peru) of the Ministry of Environment (MINAM).

15,893.21 tCO2 eq of carbon stock in an area of 1,034.06 ha.

80,000 plants of native species germinated in our greenhouse.


25 small and medium-sized businesses in the Morrope district are our local service providers.

8,412 kg of first-necessity foods were donated to our communities of direct influence

7,000 employees of Agrovision and Arena Verde completed their vaccination doses against COVID-19.

100% of employees have a health management system coverage.

43% of our workforce is comprised of women.


17,000 people with dignified and quality work were employed at Agrovision Corp.
2 new production units in Mexico and Morocco.

61 tons of waste were recycled and put into circulation within the company.

$40,000 Euro received from the cooperation of the Netherlands International Development Bank
(FMO) to strengthen our strategy of sustainability at Agrovision and the Olmos Irrigation Project.