Agrovision is one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing producers and year-round suppliers of premium superfruits. We are founder-led and driven by a mission to inspire healthy snacking and transforming lives globally where we employ tens of thousands of hard-working people in our production. Our vision is to build our Fruitist brand to reach loyalty by consumers daily, leveraging the deployment of cutting-edge proprietary technology at scale.

The predictability of our vertically integrated model – from our farms to your local grocery store – allows us to enhance global food security. We own and control large-scale land and water assets in most of the world’s most exceptional climates for our products including Peru, Mexico, Morocco, USA (Oregon), Egypt, India, and China. We export to North America, the UK, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Latin America and continue to expand our year-round sales globally.


We travel the globe in search of the finest varieties of high-flavor, super healthy fruits to grow on our farms. Established in 2012, Agrovision executed its first commercial planting in Peru in 2015. Peru’s unique climate, abundant natural resources, and skilled hands have enabled us to transform barren desert into a farming oasis.

While our roots are Peruvian, we continue to pursue the best growing locations globally and have already expanded to Mexico, Morocco, and the USA. All Agrovision products are grown and distributed to solve for maximum flavor, quality, and health benefits to serve our world.


Rooted in the fertile soils and the important agricultural traditions of the countries in which we grow, Agrovision has invested capital and human resources to transform lives across our entire value chain.

On our farms, we invest and the land flourishes, opportunities flow, and people and communities prosper while our consumers enjoy the many benefits of integrating the world’s highest quality superfruits into their diets year-round.

Building Communities

Our mission is to produce lasting value and positive change for people anywhere and everywhere we work. Through the development of high value permanent crops with proven, rising global demand, we bring sustainable economic opportunities to individuals and communities. We invest to ensure a lasting relationship with all of our stakeholders built on trust, respect, and human wellbeing.

What We Grow

We grow superfruits including
Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, and Table Grapes.

We have a strong pipeline of new and proprietary blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry varietals across our diverse growing locations, enabling us to provide our customers with fresh, reliable, premium quality superfruits year-round.


Sekoya and selected Australian varietals grown on our farms in Peru, Mexico, Morocco, and the USA (Oregon)


Premium proprietary varietals grown on our farms in Mexico and Morocco


Premium proprietary varietals grown on our farms in Mexico

Table Grapes

Seedless table grape varietals grown on our farms in Peru

Our Fans LOVE our Blueberries


Agrovision’s mission, vision, and values are centered around building a sustainable, growing, and profitable company and community.
We are focused on producing the highest quality, most flavorful, trusted, transparent, traceable, and safe fresh food for the world.


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