AGROVISION Blueberries: Transforming Lands, Transforming Lives

Agro Vision Corp., a high growth, high impact, super-fruit farming company with large-scale land and water assets and operations based in Northern Peru is abuzz with activity as it enters its 2019/20 Blueberry harvest season. The vertically integrated Grower, Packer, Shipper has developed and nearly fully planted its 2,000 hectares in Olmos, in addition to over 500 hectares in adjacent area land holdings, in the Lambayeque region, where it is on track to increase plantings to 4,000 hectares by 2022.

Through licenses and strategic relationships with leading breeding programs globally, Agro Vision produces conventional and organic blueberries, table grapes, asparagus and avocados. The 2019 harvest will yield approximately 6.5M kilos of premium blueberry varieties, and expected to double in 2020.

Serving customers in Asia, North America, Europe, and the UK, Agro Vision recognizes that each market has unique preferences and specifications in blueberries. Taking a customer centric approach, Agro Vision has planted its production to meet key market demand, but doesn’t stop there.

“We are deploying strategies to deliver value to our end customer in all our markets. Our approach is to align production to meet consumer demands,” said John Early, Head of Sales & Marketing. “As a feature of our blueberry programs, each year we introduce customers to new varieties from our R&D trials, getting feedback for our next generation of plantings. With a unique cycle from planting to harvest in Peru, we can bring new varieties to market with maximum velocity. We give our customers an edge with new varieties, flavor, and maximum eating experience for their consumers. We are always looking ahead.”

This year also marks a major infrastructure development milestone for Agro Vision with the completion of its blueberry and table grape packing and cooling facility. They are also building an adjacent 4,000Msq asparagus packing facility, which will be completed in November, in time for the next asparagus harvest. The combined farming and production operations have contributed over 5,000 jobs, many of which represent year-round employment.

“We are extremely proud of our blueberry and table grape facility. We have built 14,000 square meters of world class infrastructure, with unparalleled packing, cooling, and logistics capacity. It allows us, directly on site at the farm, to fully realize our vision of having the optimal capability to prepare the finest quality fruit for shipment to any market in the world. We completed the project under budget and ahead of schedule. Our teams really pulled together. Now it’s Showtime.” said Tom Snyder, Agro Vision Corp. CEO.

Agro Vision has brought together a team of experienced professional management from the areas of finance, agriculture, operations, logistics, and community development. The Company culture is focused on continual improvement and inclusiveness for team members at every level of the organization. Everyone is encouraged to contribute new innovative ideas.

It is a very dynamic organization with every operational detail and decision focused on maximizing fruit quality and the consumer eating experience. With vertically integrated production, the Company can optimize farm and harvest quality, optimal cold chain and shelf life extension, and packed product appearance.

Agro Vision is committed to being a responsible member of the local community, through bringing real life-transforming opportunities for team members. The Company has developed a comprehensive social program based on sustainable job creation, profit sharing, community service, and dedication to health and human resource development.

An example is the Agro Vision Medical Journey, a bi-monthly, scheduled visit from medical doctors and nurses to the local community. On average, the clinic sees over 300 to 500 people per day. It has been a great success with community members having an opportunity to receive free medical, dental, and vision care. The Company has donated wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs and other medical necessities through this important program.

Through its products, and especially the sweet little blue super fruit, Agro Vision is truly transforming lands, and transforming lives.

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