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For us, “Transforming Land and Lives” is contributing so that our environment and our stakeholders capitalize to the maximum the benefits of our presence and agro-industrial activity. Transforming land and lives synthesizes our commitment to performance beyond financial results, involves making transparent our ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) indicators and practices.

500 million dollars in assets invested in sustainable and friendly agricultural operations with the ecosystems that surround us.

• We are a leading global producer and exporter of fresh blueberries during the off-season of premium and proprietary varietals that drives the agricultural industry from the challenging north of Peru.

• We obtained the National Environmental Award of Peru, granted by the Ministry of the Environment, and we were 2 times finalist of the Premio Latinoamérica Verde (Green Latin American Award), thanks to our proven commitment to reforestation and biodiversity.

• Up to 9 out of every 10 of our collaborators originate from our areas of influence, accessing a job with rights in a country where informal employment exceeds 70%.

• We are responsible for 17% of the jobs created by the Special Irrigation Project of Olmos, the most important master development within Peru’s impressive agricultural development.

We create over 15,000 jobs which allows the same number of families to have access to a better quality of life.

• 4,000 of our collaborators will have access to better facilities thanks to the recent construction of our new campsite.

+ than 6,000 women work formally in our fields in an area of the country where there are minimal decent job opportunities for them.

• + than 40% of the positions with greater decision-making capacity in our company are occupied by women, providing the opportunity to develop new leadership in the agricultural sector.

• As part of the asociación Namune, we implemented 1 molecular biology laboratory with a capacity to process 9,000 daily tests to detect the SARSCOV-2 virus.

+ 200 local suppliers provide us with personnel transport service, which contributes to the economy of our areas of influence.