Table Grapes

Our commitment is to grow only the most innovative, super premium table grape varieties through strategic alliances with the world’s finest breeding programs.

We merge precision farming technologies and
artful craftsmanship to yield the optimal characteristics in every grape we grow.

Our seedless table grapes are grown exclusively on our farms in Peru.


Export Calendar

Jack’s Salute

• Elongated to slight oval mid to late red seedless
• Average productivity and medium bunches
• Good natural berry size with no treatments 23 x 30 mm
• Firm to crispy, good flavor
• Best treatment is little or no treatment, very easy to grow
• Single sizing of 10 ppm and nothing else looked good
• Treatments caused greater sunburn and poorer coloring

Sweet Globe

• Mid-season green seedless green Red Globe type
• Very crunchy. Good flavor – low acidity
• Excellent storage results; 90 days looks very good
• Naturally large round to oval berry, 7 gr. natural
• Thin skin, high productivity
• Does not bruise in cold storage. Stems hold very well in storage
• Little hand work required

Sugar Crisp

• Very late season green seedless
• Best of the late green seedless selections
• Excellent color, crispy firm texture. Good flavor; low acid
• Excellent stem attachment
• Very productive, can be spur pruned
• Medium to large natural berry size that responds well to GA at 2 ppm thinning and 10 ppm sizing

Sweet Sapphire

• Mid-season black seedless
• Naturally large berry, 20 mm x 35 mm (7-9 g)
• Colors very well naturally
• Stores well
• Unusual shape, elongated tubular with dimpled end
• Crisp and good flavor
• Does not shatter