Nov. 19 – The initiative will enable the irrigation of 38 thousand hectares of wasteland of the Valle Nuevo and 5,500 hectares of the Valle Viejo Santo Domingo de Olmos, a greater flow of diversified agro-industrial exports, and will generate more than 40 thousand direct jobs and 120 thousand indirect jobs. The President of the...
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Dec 09 – Hong Kong has replaced the US as the leading destination for Peruvian table grape exports in 2014. The value of Peruvian table grape exports to Hong Kong reached US$67.8m between January and November, with China the second largest destination at US$64.8m. The Netherlands received US$45.3m worth of Perivan table grapes, while the...
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Lima, Sep. 05. Peruvian exports of quinoa to the United States amounted to US$50 million in the period between January and July 2014, representing an increase of 239% from the year-ago period, the country’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister said on Wednesday. According to Magali Silva, Mincetur’s head, with this amount, the United States emerges...
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