Peru close to become China’s first grape supplier

09:08. Lima, Apr. 27. Peru is close to becoming the first grape supplier to the Chinese markets, the Peruvian Chinese Chamber of Commerce announced.

The projection was based on information regarding shipments made throughout 2014.

According to the Capechi Business Research Unit, Miguel Galvez, last year exports totaled US$175.4 million (8.6 million boxes).

“Growth has been amazing last year. The large grape-kilogram volumes, which arrived in the Chinese market, had grown by 136% […]. Those indicators confirmed Peru is ranked second among other supplying countries […],” Galvez told Andina news.

“Likewise, thanks to grape exports, our country has displaced the US, which now ranks third. Those are followed by South Africa and Australia,” he added.

Exports to Continental Chine reached US$86 million (up 84%). The ones shipped to Hong Kong led to a US$89 million (up 148%) revenue.

Grape-exporting enterprises in Peru were 98. Throughout the year, other 32 joined the business.

It must be noted exported grapes have been granted a “zero rate,” which came into force in January 2015 thanks to the existing Peru-China Free Trade Agreement.

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