Peru: Exports of fruits and vegetables increased by 5.1% in January

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Magali Silva, stated that non-traditional agricultural exports increased by 5.1% in January 2015. Since July 2013, they have had 19 months of consecutive expansion.

Silva said that the fresh grapes were among the most dynamic products of the non-traditional agricultural sector, as they had amounted to $119 million dollars in this period, i.e. a 10% increase when compared to January 2014. He stated that the major additional flows had taken place in the United States and Hong Kong.

Shipments of fresh mangoes in the same month increased by US $8 million and grew 16%. The main markets were the United Kingdom, with an increase of 42%, Spain 37%, the Netherlands 21%, and the US with 10%. Fresh or chilled asparagus ranked third and had a 10% increase when compared to January last year.

The head of MINCETUR also said that, compared with January 2014, total exports decreased by $385 million, 39% of which was explained by the lower sales of fishmeal, while 42% of the decline was explained by the oil and natural gas segments.

In that regard, the value of non-traditional exports declined by $28 million or 3% less than in January 2014.


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