Peruvian berries attract Chileans and Argentines

GESTION – 6, DEC 2013 .- The growth of the available supply and the conditions for berries cultivation in Peru have stimulated the appetite of Chilean and Argentine businessmen to establish businesses related to trade and production of these fruits in the country.

The representative of Sociedad Agricola Santa Ines, Carlos Vial, said that the producers in Chile – mainly the ones with North American capital want to acquire and commercialize blueberries and other Peruvian berries in the USA, Europe and Asia between September and November when the world production is limited due to seasonal cycles or in bad conditions.

The idea will be to act as intermediary taking advantage of the experiences gained in this markets said Vial.

Unlike Peru, the Chilean production is concentrated between November and March, and faces serious difficulties for expansion because of soil salinity and poor water quality in the Northern area. This situation pushes Chilean entrepreneurs to look for associations to expand in Peru and be able to complete the increasing demand and commercial contracts.

In the case of Argentinian companies, the plan is oriented to acquire land in our country to develop projects in alliance with Peruvian producers, because their local crops are currently not generating good results due to weather problems.

According to the Agencia de Desarollo Economico de Neuquen, most of the main berries producers from Patagonia Region want to expand to Peru.

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