Offers of US $8000 Per Hectare at Chinecas

GESTION – 18, NOV 2013. – The land value at Chinecas could exceed the ones at Olmos and Chavimochic.

The Olmos project was sold at U.S. $ 3,500 per hectare and better soils up to U.S. $ 5,000, while at Chavimochic does not exceed $ 2,000. At Chinecas the base price will be of US$ 5000, but there are companies offering US$ 7000 and US$ 8000 per hectare said the regional president of Ancash, Cesar Alvarez.

The regional authority notes that the buzz is that, unlike other projects, Chinecas is assuring water supply.

“The first stage guarantees Chinecas water from the Santa River; also have Cascajal dam that will store 120 million cubic meters of water ,” he said .

The expectation is such that the fishing sector entrepreneurs from Chimbote (Ancash region), are selling their vessels to acquire those acres.

“The strongest fishing groups like the group Cavenago Chimbote, Barrera, Hugo Wall, and are turning our gaze to agricultural exports,” he said.

Companies are interested because the port of Chimbote is really close to the project, making it very profitable for agricultural exports.

“There is also interest of agricultural companies as Danper, Camposol, Gloria and Talsa group”, noting that products already harvested in the Santa Valley (Ancash) offer better quality than those grown in Chavimochic.

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