December 2, 2013
GESTION – 18, NOV 2013. – The retail chain considers that Peruvian market has a potential to increase its exports of tangelo, sweet onion, avocado and blueberry. The company is about to close deals with Peruvian local firms to stop using intermediaries. Last year the bought 185 mill boxes (1 mill from Peru). They are...
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GESTION – 18, NOV 2013. – The land value at Chinecas could exceed the ones at Olmos and Chavimochic. The Olmos project was sold at U.S. $ 3,500 per hectare and better soils up to U.S. $ 5,000, while at Chavimochic does not exceed $ 2,000. At Chinecas the base price will be of US$...
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THE NATIONAL – 10, NOV 2013. – The rise of the grain has been long in coming. Its homelands in Peru and Bolivia still account for about 90 per cent of global production. There, it is put to all sorts of uses – eaten as a breakfast cereal and as a leafy vegetable. Its flour...
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AGROVISION is a grower, packer, and shipper of fruits and vegetables from Peru exporting to established and emerging global markets such as the United States, Canada, Europe, UK, China and other Asian and Central and South American countries.