Agro Vision Corp., through its Peruvian subsidiaries, is a sustainable agriculture company focused on developing high social impact, productive farms, currently in the northern coastal region of Peru. With land holdings exceeding 14,000 hectares of the richest agricultural land in the world and proven farm productivity yields, Agro Vision is poised to capitalize on Peru’s booming agricultural industry.

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In addition to creating profitable, sustainable farmland, Agro Vision is devoted to integrating a comprehensive social responsibility program throughout the local community. Our program is based on core tenants of job creation, profit sharing, revenue generation, community service, and resource development, which we believe will ensure alignment and a prosperous partnership with the local community for generations to come.

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Led by executive and technical teams with track records of success across project development, finance, agriculture, sugar, and water disciplines throughout the world and in Peru and backed by committed founders with global commodities and resources experience, we are very excited for what the future will bring.

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